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Läs Transperance Öppenhet på Svenska Transparency Disclosure Svenska

My YouTube channel is by no means the biggest on the internet in my field.

But I value my followers, supporters and viewers who visit me on the channel very m uch and always strive to Crete video with value and a honest opinion
The joy of being able to make content with facts and stories from my travels and adventures around Europe that people enjoy choosing to watch is an incredible joy and privilege for me.

I haven’t really had any sponsor collaborations on my channel or other social media.
And that hasn’t been my goal either.

However, I have recently been contacted with a request to initiate sponsor collaboration on certain products.
And I pretty early on set my own rules for how I wanted to handle this to be as sincere and honest as possible to both sponsors, companies, followers, supporters and my viewers.

And here I briefly describe what criteria I have as guidelines for a possible sponsor collaboration.


  • I will not tie myself to a company or a certain brand, and only some of their products exclusively.
    If I receive requests from other companies that provide similar products or services, I will gladly accept them to make an unbiased and honest evaluation.
    Provided that it is something that benefits and fits into Husbilskanalen.
  • If I accept a sponsor, it will be on my terms. I will not accept assignments that involve time limits or demands that a certain time limit must be met or I am forced to describe the product or service in a certain pre-determined text other then my own.
  • I am happy to accept products and services, but decide for myself when the video should be published, (within a reasonable timeframe of course) making a sponsor video must be sincere and with genuine empathy, a short time limit to achieve these requirements often means that it will be a poor quality of both video and content.
    You have probably heard the famous quote: “Do you want it not right our done quick?”
  • Furthermore, it is not an honest representation of a service or product if I am not given sufficient time to evaluate, test and experience how it actually lives up to price and promises.
  • If you watch a video that is sponsored, all content in that video is my own.
    Views and opinions are my own and the sponsor I work with does not get any type of preview of the video I create
  • Sponsors have no influence whatsoever on what is said, how it is said and in what way it is delivered in the video.
    If there is something about the product that I don’t like or that I think could be made better I will mention it in my video, hiding information based on the fact that I got the product for free is not an honest review video.
    And in the same way properties that are positive and beneficial I will of course also leave regardless of the manufacturer’s wishes.
  • Of course, this does not mean that I become overly critical and difficult, on the contrary, it means that you get a completely honest evaluation of your service or product from me. Something my follower has pointed out several times that “It feels really nice to know you are always honest in your videos”

I am aware these criteria will make some looks elsewhere, and that’s all ok. But at the same time I openly declare to all that all content on y channel is 100% my own honest opinion.

So why have I chosen to accept sponsor collaborations?
Quite simply, it costs a lot in buy-in to make many of my videos that benefit you, and getting parts of it sponsored benefits both me as the creator and you as the viewer. However, this does not mean that I “Sell myself cheap”
Costs for a lot of licenses, server, royalties, development and constantly having equipment eom deliver top quality costs money :)
In addition, in the future it will mean that I will in the future turn off income generation from Youtube to evaluate how it affects my video and sponsor collaborations.
The reason is that I find it disturbing, and especially since Youtube during the fall of 2023 began to greatly increase their advertising intervals on creators’ content, which in the end will create a negative experience on my YouTube channel.

Accepting sponsors with certain products and services allows me to offer these sponsors a 100% own video about their service and product without Youtube automatic advertising posts affecting this video experience.

Do you want to join and sponsor the RV channel??
Please contact us via email at this link:

Sponsor Cooperation Husbilskanalen

// Thanks in advance


PS : These points may change without prior notice and further notices other than via this page.

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